Eyelashes & Hair Styling Products

Leslie Ray


Everything Lai Extensions is the creation of Leslie Ray. Leslie started Everything Lai to offer luxury eyelashes and high quality hair products to every women. Leslie selects the highest quality styling and designer products to help you achieve 'your best you'.

Everything Lai Extensions offers carefully chosen eyelashes, and hair products from the world's best makers and fashion retailers. Leslie  ensures that Everything Lai products are quality made, and that they will help create an incredible result in style. Leslie hopes to help you look and feel your best in every way.

Every Product, Every Look, Every Day: Everything Lai.

Eyelashes & Hair Styling Products


Everything Lai Extensions offers an eye fashion line that provides comfortable, durable, high quality eyelashes. All of our eyelashes are 100% mink fur, and 100% handmade.

The 'Lai Lash 25mm 3D Mink' is designed to feel lightweight. They fit most every eye shape, and their results are stunning. This is a Reusable Eyelash with Suggested use of 20-25 wears.

Leslie Ray

Leslie Ray  - Owner and Designer of Everything Lai Extensions

Eyelashes & Hair Styling Products

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3D Mink 25 mm Eyelashes - 100% Mink
Reusable (20 - 25 Times)
$25.00 per Pair
4 oz Edge Control -  Superior Holding power
$12.00 per Bottle

4 oz Hair Growth Serum
- Provides Essential Nutrients for growth. 
$20.00 per Bottle


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